The London Group Summer 2020 Newsletter
Welcome to the latest edition of The London Group newsletter.
Now 4 months into the lockdown, we've all had to adapt to these extraordinary times. Many of the articles here reflect changes in the Members' routines and practice and there are some intriguing, remarkable and moving stories. The London Group is nothing if not resilient. We'll hear how the cancellation of a physical show led Darren Nisbett LG to construct a virtual exphibition space for The Group which has become very popular; a third show is already being prepared. This is a time of new opportunities but also loss and reflection and we finish the newsletter with a personal tribute to Arthur Wilson and Janet Nathan.
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The Digital to Analog Switch
The lockdown has impacted on artists and their practice in so many ways and while many have looked towards digital strategies David Theobald LG, a digital artist, picked up a pencil.
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How has lockdown influenced or changed your practice?
Seventeen London Group artists reflect on how their practice has been affected by the experience of lockdown.
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State of Residency…
In the time of limited travel, how nice to take a journey with Sumi Perera LG to a few of her many residencies.
"the cross-pollination of culture [and] the transfer of skills between myself and fellow artists, informs my practice."
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Fuzzy Phone
Sandra Crisp LG takes over our online space with gif art.
The London Group go virtual
“I looked at how we as a group could continue with our own shows and give artists something to work towards”.
Darren Nisbett LG gives the lowdown our new online Group exhibition space.
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Things Will Fall Down
Microworld@HOME: live-streaming our way through the lockdown by Tim Pickup, Genetic Moo LG
"As I write this, Nicola is rebuilding the mini TV-studio in our living room for the 18th time since March."
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Early Trials
London Group Archivist David Redfern reveals the early trials of The London Group, including losing our first president, Harold Gilman, to The Spanish Flu in 1919.
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                      Reynisdrangar, Janet Nathan                                                             Sea Study, Arthur Wilson
RIP Arthur Wilson and Janet Nathan
It is very sad that we have lost two members since the last newsletter,
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Forthcoming exhibitions
The Working Committee is continuing to meet online. Dates for future shows have been planned but please note, due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, these are subject to change.
The London Group Annual 
Online exhibition simultaneous with 
Physical show TBC
The Cello Factory
PV Tue 13 Oct (time TBA)
Artists' talks Tue 20, 6-8pm
Open daily 14-20 Oct, 1-5pm except:
Late opening Thu 15 until 8pm and Tue 20 until 6pm
The London Group Open Presidents Prize
The Cello Factory
Paul Bonomini LG, Maybelle Peters, Linda Simon
PV Tue 6 Jan (time TBA)
Artists' Talks Tue 12 Jan, 6-8pm
Open daily 6-12 Jan, 1-6pm
In the Dark III
The Cello Factory
Full Members Exhibition
PV Tue 19 Jan
Open daily 20-22 Jan
Events and all times TBA
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