The London Group WINTER 2020 Newsletter
Welcome to the latest edition of The London Group newsletter.
This year, 2020, like no other, has forced us all into strange modes and rhythms. A scrambling for new technologies, intersections and conferences. This year saw three online London Group exhibitions, several wired working committee meetings and a private view, artist talks and an AGM courtesy of Zoom. Members have been brought together in new combinations. Is this our shared future - faces peering from the void?
This edition is full of stories of collaborations both planned and unplanned, future looking and historical. The articles represent a meaty reflection on what is going on, what has been lost and what is possible. Included is our biggest ever collaborative article, with 30 members contributing - an emerging manifold on colour - perhaps a rainbow. Enjoy.
News, articles and art
On being the Secretary
Tommy Seaward LG lets us in on
the highs and lows of his time as Secretary of The London Group. 
He is stepping down after more
than two and half years in the role.
Thanks Tommy, you've been brilliant.
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In Conversation with Suzan Swale LG
Our series of interviews with long-serving Group members continues with the indefatigable Suzan Swale and her memories of college, passion for painting and orange peel bikinis.
by Claire Parrish LG
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Art and Health, A Story
The first in a series of articles by
Marenka Gabeler LG
"When I started my inquiry into the links between Health Care and Art   
I didn’t realize that it would take me on a beautiful journey into people’s lives."
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Reflections on Textile and Memory
Kathleen Mullaniff LG and Emma Dick reflect on a joyful collaboration with the women of the Dean Castle Textile Team.
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Immerse yourself in the MOMENTS, this season's online exhibition
by Tricia Gillman LG  
This Stuff Matters
 "There is a moment at the end of many group shows where artists ... pledge to repeat the experience. Usually ... nothing happens. This time was different."
Alexandra Harley LG explains how a collaborative show led to setting up the art group This Stuff Matters.
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video portraits
A short film introducing Julie Held LG whose early artistic motivation was to make what she felt inside tangible. Filmed by Oli Clark.
Jeff Lowe LG discusses his life and work in this short documentary by Paul Murphy.
Who Will Buy My Dark Dark World
Almuth Tebbenhoff LG takes on a tour of her latest exhibition located in the Sculpture Windows & Foyer at Pangolin London
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The Brighton Collaboration
London Group Archivist David Redfern LG looks back to a Brighton exhibition which set the tone for future London Group collaboration.
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As we approach winter and its shortened days, what better way to add colour into our lives than by celebrating colour. In our latest collaborative article, the London Group members talk all things colour.
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RA Summer Exhibition 2020
Over ten percent of The London Group have been selected for this Summer Exhibition in Winter.
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Frank Bowling OBE RA LG
The London Group are delighted to announce that their esteemed member Frank Bowling has been made a knight
in the Queens Birthday Honours list.
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Forthcoming exhibitions

Subject to Change 
The London Group Open Presidents Prize
Paul Bonomini LG, Maybelle Peters, Linda Simon
The Cello Factory, 33-34 Cornwall Road, SE1
PV Tue 6 Jan, 6-9pm / Artists' Talks Tue 12 Jan, 6-8pm
Open daily 6-12 Jan, 1-6pm
press release

In the Dark III
The Cello Factory
Full Members Exhibition
W/B 18 Jan 2021, dates and times TBA
In Plain Sight
The London Group, Thelma Hulbert and her London Group Friends
Thelma Hulbert Gallery, Elmfield House, Dowell Street, Devon EX14 1LX
20 Mar to 8 May 2021
The Working Committee is continuing to meet online. Dates for future shows have been planned but please note, due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, these are subject to change.
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